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Lucrative Racing is not obliged to give selections every day. Days were a 'no bet' is recommended is to the benefit of our members for achieving long term profit. Lucrative Racing reserves the right to stop free tips at any time.

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All forms of gambling involve risk. Profits cannot be guaranteed and past results are not always indicative of future performance. Never gamble with money you cant afford to lose. Lucrative Racing will not be responsible for any monetary losses as a result of using the information given as part of our subscription or free services.

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The purpose of this policy is to set out our company’s policy and procedures to prevent, manage and respond to work-related online bullying and abuse from customers. Management supports this policy and will not tolerate any instances of work-related abuse, in any form, emails, support tickets, verbal, to our staff. No member of staff will be blamed for an instance of work-related abuse caused by a customer or member of the public. All our employees have the right to be treated with consideration, dignity, and respect. This policy applies to all staff working for Lucrative Racing, in whatever capacity.

Lucrative Racing defines work-related violence as: any incident in which an employee is abused, threatened, or assaulted, by a member of the public in circumstances arising out of the course of his/her employment. This is based on the Health and Safety Executive’s definition.

Abusive and threatening behaviour, of any sort, from customers to staff, in any form of communication, whether by email, support ticket, over the phone, online support, or personally, will render that customer liable to be barred from using the services of, and purchasing the products from Lucrative Racing. The director will respond to the situation by communicating with the perpetrator, to the effect that their behaviour is not acceptable. At the director’s discretion, a decision will be made whether to bar the customer. The police should be informed of serious cases of threatening e-behaviour, or verbal abuse.



Due to the nature of electronic distribution of information, services and materials, neither Lucrative Racing nor any of its Data Providers nor affiliates have any liability (whether in contract or tort) for any losses, costs or damages resulting from or related to use of or inability to use any information to the fullest extent to which such liability may be excluded or avoided by law. In no event shall Lucrative Racing be liable to you for perceived or actual lost profits or for indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages arising out of or in relation to the provision of any products/services sold by Lucrative Racing or the provision of information.

We always recommend you check a bookmakers terms and conditions before placing a bet.

Our products are for educational, informational and entertainment purposes ONLY. Use caution if you use our products and / or services and remember that all gambling carries risk and no liability is taken by the site or product owner, Lucrative Racing or its subsidiaries and affiliates from you the user of the site following any of the information given to you, sold on the website or sent to you via email, SMS, app, letter or any other form of communication from The site or product owner, Lucrative Racing or its subsidiaries and affiliates, any information that you follow that is given or sold to you from Lucrative Racing is followed completely at your own risk

By using our websites, services, downloads and content you agree that Lucrative Racing and its affiliates are not responsible for the success or failure of your actions resulting from the use or misuse of our products and / or services.



Members who subscribe to a service are guaranteed these rates for 12 months following their joining date. Rates are reviewed every 12 months and so may be changed depending on recent performance.

Since Lucrative Limited offers non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds once the order is completed and the product/service is delivered, unless otherwise stated for a specific product. As a customer, you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item on our sites. Member subscriptions are automatically renewed, and can be cancelled at anytime during your trial or before your next subscription payment, directly via your members account. Subscriptions are the sole responsibility of the customer to manage, and we therefore do not issue refunds on subscription payments, unless otherwise stated for a specific product.

However, we realise that exceptional circumstances can take place with regard to the character of the product/service we supply.

Therefore, we DO honour refund requests for non-delivery of the product / service. In rare cases, due to mailing issues of your e-mail provider or your own mail server you might not receive a welcome e-mail containing your login details for the members area. In this case we recommend contacting us for assistance. Claims for non-delivery must be submitted to our support department in writing within 7 days from the order placing date, otherwise the service will be considered received.

1 Year Guarantee: Where stated, certain of our services come with a limited 1 year guarantee, where members can request their second year for free if the service hasn't produced a profit within their first year. Profit / loss figures are based on the official results record to ensure accuracy. Only members with an active subscription are eligible to claim under this guarantee, and we must receive your claim in advance of your renewal date



If you qualify and agree to participate as an Affiliate, we will make available to you a variety of graphic and textual links (each of these links sometimes being referred to herein as “Links” or, individually, as a “Link”), which are subject to the terms and conditions hereof. The links will serve to identify your site as a member of the Lucrative Racing Affiliate Program and will establish a link from your site or e-mail to ours. The links may connect to any area of our site (although commissions will only be issued on qualified purchases). In utilising the links, you agree that you will cooperate fully with us in order to establish and maintain such links.

You also agree that you will display on your site only those graphic or textual images (indicating a link) provided by us or text messages expressly approved in advanced in writing by Lucrative Racing. All affiliate sites shall display such graphic and/or textual images prominently in relevant sections of their site. Furthermore, you agree not to use cookie stuffing techniques that set the affiliate tracking cookie without the referred customer’s knowledge. (example: iframe). Any information with respect to us that is going to be displayed on your site must be provided by us and expressly approved by us in writing in advance of any display.

You are not allowed to post any refunds, credits or discounts, or other content concerning Lucrative Racing, unless we have given you prior written permission in each instance. Affiliates may only use coupons and discounts that are provided exclusively through the affiliate program using banners and links. Each link connecting users of your site to the pertinent area of our site will in no way alter the look, feel, or functionality of our site. Any violations of the terms surrounding links, coupons, refunds, credits or discounts shall constitute a material breach of this agreement, and may result in your termination from the program or withholding of commissions.


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