The Proof


Before we decide whether or not to start using a betting strategy, it's important that we have some sort of evidence that said strategy actually produces profit. Since we are essentially predicting something that is going to happen in the future, the best evidence available to us is past performance.


As you've probably already seen in the results history for Flat Flyers and First Class Fancies, both strategies show a substantial and consistent profit. The performance is visually clear from the following graphs and stats.



First Class Fancies

The following graph displays the performance based on using a £50 level stake. Although not everyone would use a stake this large, especially at the outset, it gives a good indication of what's possible from using this strategy in the long term.



BETS: 635

WINS: 154




PROFIT AT £50 STAKES: £18,320.13

Download the full results here



Flat Flyers

As with First Class Fancies, betting to a £50 level stake gives impressive results:



BETS: 618

WINS: 163




PROFIT AT £50 STAKES: £15,120.80

Download the full results here



At this point I'd also like to introduce my highest grossing betting strategy, which is something I've used since 2013 and has produced more profit than anything else I've used.


It's a strategy that involves a unique method of odds compilation, which is then compared to available odds to find bets with a high level of value. I'll not bore you with all the details here, but suffice it to say that I've found it an extremely effective method of accumulating profit.




Included below are the statistics and full results history for this strategy since I began using it in 2013. I have also included screenshots and video footage (above) of my betting accounts to show genuine winnings, and to prove that I place all these bets myself.






Download the full results here


BackLucrative takes our potential profit to a completely new level. Although I have been using this strategy a lot longer, on average the income generated from this strategy each year is greater than the other two strategies combined!


I understand if you are skeptical about the above results, which is why I have taken you through my betting accounts in the video above. This shows that the results for each strategy are genuine, and that I stake my own money on all qualifying bets for each of the strategies provided.


And Now Comes The Exciting Part...


As can be seen above, the individual betting strategies provide us with a regular stream of income, which can be used to improve the quality of our lives; giving us more financial freedom, reducing money related worries, you name it.


However, the income provided by a single strategy is generally conservative, unless we're betting large stakes which requires a larger investment. Furthermore, betting investment involves winning and losing periods, meaning we can't know in advance the frequency of our income. This takes us back to the old saying:


'Many Small Streams Make One Big River'


By using all three strategies at the same time, I've observed two main benefits:


1. The amount of our income increases substantially.

2. The frequency of our income also increases.


Included below is the combined performance since the beginning of 2015. As we can see, both the profit levels and frequency of payouts increase considerably in comparison to using any single strategy:




PROFIT AT £50 STAKES: £76,083.00




In this case, our multiple income streams have income have fused together to form one mighty torrent of income. Even if we start with conservative stakes, say £10 per bet, our average annual income would still have been a healthy £6,521.40...not a bad place to start!


We can also use the principal of compounding to grow a conservative bankroll more quickly, by increasing our stakes as our bankroll grows, until we are happy with the size of our income and still comfortable enough with the amount being staked.



How to Automate


By far the most common issue we experience is integrating these betting strategies into our daily lives. All of us have limited time to work with, especially those of us with full time jobs and families to look after. Let's face it - finding each days selections takes time, and the more strategies we use, the more time it will take.


I estimate that finding the selections for both Flat Flyers and First Class Fancies will take anywhere from 10 - 40 minutes per day, depending on an individuals betting experience and the number of qualifiers on a given day. And that's not even including BackLucrative - the selection process for this is far more complicated and generally takes me over an hour per day on it's own!


This is why I decided to offer a service that completely automates the bet finding process for each of the three strategies above. What this essentially means for you is:


1. No time required to find each days qualifiers


2. Exclusive access to my highest grossing betting strategy


3. Simply place each days bets, and watch the income accrue


4. Full support - walkthrough videos, performance reviews, results templates, staking advice, compounding, bankroll management and more.


Of course, you don't NEED to take advantage of this service and all the benefits you'll receive as a member. The two strategies you already have are a great way to generate additional streams of income. However, if this isn't easy to fit into our daily lives, most us us won't continue with it in the long term which is where the best results are seen.


If you're really interested in generating a substantial, consistent income from your betting, I cant recommend the service enough. If you think this is for you, and you'd like to become a member, please click the button below to receive a special discount:


I have put a limit on the number of members I can take on. There are several reasons for this, the main ones being to ensure the qualifying selections aren't over-bet, and so I can provide timely customer service for anyone who needs support.


Interest in the strategies provided so far has been higher than I expected, so the available spaces probably won't remain so for long. I therefore recommend taking advantage of this offer today.

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