Now it’s Your Turn to Make The Bookies Pay, Starting Today!


Dear Racing Enthusiast,


Today I’d like to show you one of the very few remaining methods of creating serious wealth from betting, something that’s been a proven life-changer for myself and many others on this path to financial freedom.


Let me prove it to you, a few moments of your time is all I ask.


Back when I first discovered a way to profit from betting, earnings were modest. With limited spare time, the strategies I used had to be kept simple. Over time, I managed to develop a few effective systems that combined to give me a nice little second income.


But I was always looking for more – I wanted something that gave me substantial and consistent profit – my very own Silver Bullet.


You see, I often had to wait a long time in between payouts. Attached to most betting systems are many seemingly random ups and downs – I call it the betting roller-coaster. Unless your new to betting, you’ve probably spent a long time on this not-so-pleasurable ride too.


Then things started to get complicated.


The increase in betting tools and information over the years may have made it easier for the punter with unlimited time on their hands, but for a guy working a fifty hour week it meant the opposite. The market had caught up with me, and one by one my trusty systems started to lose their edge.


At this point I had two choices – give up and go back to the daily grind, or pursue the dream, and find that silver bullet that had eluded me for too long (cue the montage). A bit corny, I know, but this is where it gets interesting…
…so i’ll skip the countless hours I spent building contacts, analysing results, testing and developing, and simply give you the end result.


By following in the footsteps of those who were making the most money – The Bookies – I found exactly what I was looking for.


What do the bookies do? They hire odds compilers to estimate the chance each horse has of winning, reduce the odds a bit to ensure themselves a profit, and create a book for that particular race.
Although I knew how to create a book, it’s very time consuming and difficult to beak the bookies level of accuracy. However, bookmakers have to create books for every horse, every race, every single day, and therein lies their weakness.


The bookies can’t be right 100% of the time – in fact they get it wrong more often than you’d think.


I just needed to find a way to identify when a mistake was made, when the odds were much higher than they ought to be. That’s exactly what I did, and this is where all my hard work started to pay off. I put my new strategy to use, and started placing bets at these ‘incorrect’ odds.


The edge this created shocked me to say the least. Here’s a list of the winners found in my very first month of placing these bets:


Moviesta at 9/1, Norse Blues at 12/1, Little Eli at 12/1,
Monakova at 11/1, Declaration of War at 12/1, Chancery at 11/1, Amazing Maria at 9/4, Osteopathic Remedy at 12/1, The Cockney Mackem at 2/1, Bold Raider at 6/4, Laffan at 9/1 and The Disengager at 11/1.


Not only did my ‘value’ selections prove themselves adept at winning races, but I was able to get my bets on at much higher odds than both industry start price and Betfair SP. I ended my first month in profit to the tune of £668.75, and this is just a glimpse of what this strategy can do for you.


Firstly by testing for a full 6 months myself, and afterwards by asking a small group of betting enthusiasts to join me, together we we’re able to prove that this method pulls in serious profit, on a consistent basis and over the long term.


The great news is that today you have the rare opportunity to gain access to these bets.


I created an exclusive members website, where each days value bets are posted by 10am. This means you can be profiting in as little as 5 minutes ‘work’ per day:

1. log in to your members account and view the days qualifying bets.

2. Place your bets online, using either the bookmaker or exchange.

3. Put your feet up, and watch the money roll in!


Here’s what you can expect to receive as a member of my service:


1. Accelerated Wealth


A rate of return that would render the top stockbrokers speechless!

The results graph shows how the service has performed since August 2013, betting 1 point level stakes:


1,155.08 Points Profit

577.54% Return on Initial Investment

23.92% Return on Stakes Invested

£57,754.00 Profit at £50 Stakes

see the full results here


2. Consistency


Of the few services out there that are profitable, almost none of them do it consistently – this is where we are a cut above the rest.

We have seen a profit every single quarter over the past 3 years!

For you this means a more regular and reliable betting income.


The service has produced an average profit of 338.07 points per year, which when translated to an income figure gives us a –


£8,451.75 Yearly Income betting £25 stakes

£16,903.50 Yearly Income betting £50 stakes

£33,807.00 Yearly Income betting £100 stakes!


Just imagine what you could do with this amount of extra income each year…treat your loved one’s to luxury holidays, some much needed home improvements, or even pay for that brand new car up front! The possibilities are almost endless.



3. Enjoyment

The service produces regular winners at odds of up to 25/1!

With the possibility of large payouts on a daily basis, this makes the service more fun and exciting to follow over the long term.

We’ve also experienced excellent results throughout the majority of horse racing festivals. Here’s a sample of our big meeting winners so far…


Cheltenham Festival

Cole Harden at 20/1

Ibis De Rheu at 20/1

Spring Heeled at 16/1

Un Temps pur Tout at 14/1.


Aintree Grand National

Many Clouds at 25/1

Court Minstrel at 15/1

Kayf Grace at 15/1

Rajdhani Express at 11/1


Royal Ascot

Suits You at 16/1

Across The Stars at 12/1

Trip To Paris at 12/1

Eagle Top at 12/1


Glorious Goodwood

Shady Mccoy at 15/1

Pastoral Player at 15/1

Jaadu at 13/1

Van Percy at 9/1


Ayr Gold Cup

Noble Asset at 20/1

Red Stargazer at 16/1

Rock Canyon at 15/1

Bachotheque at 14/1


4. Satisfaction

We have a solid base of satisfied members, alongside an array of successful reviews from trusted independent sources. Here’s what just a few of them had to say about my service…





5. Value For Money

This is where I’ve made the service incredibly easy for you to get.

There won’t be any need to sit on the fence – this isn’t something to decide over.

That’s because if you act right now, you can get full access to this service risk free for 60 days.



You’ll get instant access to the exclusive members area of my website, each days bets and further member materials on completion of signup.

Your membership is covered by my no quibble, 100% money back guarantee.

money back guarantee image

I’ve limited the member numbers to ensure there’s no price depreciation, and so I can provide full support to individual members as and when needed.


The doors to BackLucrative only open periodically, and due to it’s popularity the spaces are likely to fill quickly, especially since you’re currently able to join at lowest price I’ve ever offered.


Action ALWAYS beats Intention


One final thing to mention – although its great to have the intention to substantially increase your betting income, and find true financial freedom…


…here’s the rub. Unless you ACTyou can intend until you’re blue in the face and nothing will happen.


My advice – Take Decisive Action Today



Finally, I’d just like to say a Big Thank You for taking the time to read all about my betting service. I hope you’re now able to see it’s potential – if so I’m very much looking forward to seeing you on the inside.


If you’re unsure of anything or have further questions, feel free to drop me an email at and I’ll get back to you asap.


Yours Sincerely,

M J Carr


Michael J Carr

Lucrative Racing Trust


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