Even A Complete Novice Can Completely Transform Their Betting Into A Substantial, Reliable Income With This Profit Spouting Portfolio

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Do you want to start receiving regular streams of income into your bank account, and completely remove all the money related stress and worry that over 95% of the adult population experience every single day?


This is exactly what I have to offer you today - a very realistic, grounded approach, and something that anyone can do regardless of your level of experience. Here's just a few of the things to expect when you take advantage this fantastic opportunity:


Start Generating Income Immediately


Increase The Size And Frequency Of Your Income


Experience Genuine Financial Freedom


Firstly I'd like to explain WHY I decided to share this opportunity with you. Let me share a quick story...


It all started when I was speaking to a close friend last week. He's worked for many years at British Airways, a well paid job in their IT department. Out of all the people I know, I'd always thought he had one of the most secure and reliable jobs going.


As it turns out, I couldn't have been more wrong! British Airways has recently chosen to outsource a hefty chunk of their IT work, meaning job cuts of a massive 70% at my friends workplace.


"What about your job, is it safe?" I asked him over the phone, to which I got the reply "I really have no idea yet, but the odds are definately against me!"


The funny thing is, I've heard many stories along the same lines in recent years including my partner, who was laid off by Swinton insurance a couple of years back. I'd be surprised if you hadn't at least heard a similar story lately, or even experienced this yourself at some point.


Thinking back, I've had several jobs as a young adult and I wouldn't exactly have called any of them secure. In fact, I was laid off on more than one occasion for no other reason that "seasonal staff reductions"!


Working for myself for a number of years now, I'd completely forgotten how insecure working for a larger business could really be, but that phone call really got me thinking!


It's time to realise, if we haven't already done so, that the corporations currently providing most of the jobs exist with one main purpose. That purpose is to make profit for it's owners and shareholders.


If a corporation can find a way to reduce their business related costs, they will do so. If this means outsourcing jobs or automating aspects of the business, so be it. Most companies really don't care how many people they have to lay off, as long as it means lower costs and therefore higher profit.


In the current economy, many of us live paycheck to paycheck, and if this is our only source of income we are leaving a lot to chance. Too much, if you ask me. Especially if we have a mortgage to pay and a family to feed.


If this is you, a perhaps uncomfortable but pertinent question might be - "What would you do if were laid off tomorrow??"


Relying on a single source of income is no longer an option; we must take control of our lives and find additional sources of income.


Now imagine for a moment, receiving several streams of income on a regular basis into your bank account, ticking away nicely in the background as you get on with your life. Worries about job security or not being able to make ends meet a thing of the past.


A nice thought, and one which I happen to know can also be a reality. After many years of searching, this is the way I am now able to live.


Let me show you how I did it...  


As you may already know, I earn my living from Horse Racing and have done so for quite a few years. Part of my income comes from my website and the services I offer, which I call my regular or "9 to 5" income. This is very much a full time job, what with all the research, analysis, website maintenance etc. required to make this work.


The other part of my income comes from "putting my money where my mouth is", so to speak, which involves betting on the horses. I call it Horse Racing investment, because by no means does this involve any gambling.


Horse Racing Investment is by far the most effective method of creating additional income.


Controversial? Let me qualify that statement by taking a look at the other options...the banks offer us a pittance, the stock market is mainly for rich people with industry contacts, and setting up a new business is both risky and time-consuming.


Even the housing market isn't as rock solid as we once thought, and that's assuming we have a hefty deposit to put down up front. That's 95% of us out straight away!


Let's face it, what's available to us in the mainstream is a joke. We can do better, much better!


While betting is seen by the masses as "a mugs game", or extremely high risk at best, is it really any more risky than trusting a so called expert to invest our money on the stock market or foreign exchange?


Erm...No, not really. In fact, because we are in control and have access to our money at all times, it is far less risky. As long as we are able to manage our bankroll and stake size, and are able to resist the urge to gamble, the risk is perfectly manageable.


While there is an array of sports and betting techniques to choose from, my own expertise lies in Horse Racing and what I call Outright Betting. This is simply betting on the outcome of a race without using trading or matched betting (using bookmaker bonuses) techniques.


With over 12 years experience in the industry, I have gradually honed my investment skills and they are now extremely effective.


So much so that I now take home a five figure income from my betting investments each year.


Instead of boring you all to death with my losing punter sob story, and the long and painstaking journey to profit, allow me to summarise how I now create additional streams of income.


1. Create A New Betting Strategy, using a combination of research, past racing data, maths and stats, with a foundation of 12 years experience.

2. Put it to the test, firstly by recording all qualifying bets and profit / loss figures on paper, then with real money IF the strategy is showing promise after a 3 - 6 month period.

3. Gradually increase stakes until the profit levels are substantial. Strategies that produce high levels of profit over 6 - 12 months earn their place in my long term betting portfolio.

4. Develop each strategy further, by repeating stages 2 - 3 with a range of small alterations.


I am not a fan of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach - we should always be testing and tweaking to ensure our income continues into the future.


After doing this for a number of years, I created Lucrative Racing Trust and started sharing my strategies with other punters, with great success! However, there was one main issue that people always seemed to experience -


The majority of people simply don't have the time to use these strategies consistently over the long term.


That's a real problem, because regular and continued use is what gets the best results. Then I thought, "I run through these strategies to find my bets everyday anyway, so why don't I share the qualifying bets and make everyone's life a whole lot easier?" What this essentially means for you is -

  • Fully Automated Selection Process

  • No Time Required To Find Your Bets

  • Place Bets And Generate Income


This is what lead me to create what I have to offer you today. Before I get to that, let's address the elephant in the room -


"Where's the evidence that this actually works?"


I have therefore provided the best evidence available; proof of past performance. Below I have detailed the performance for the strategies that I predict will generate the greatest profit over the 2017/18 racing season.



First Class Fancies

 A strategy focusing on first class racing, especially effective during the major festivals, with winners at up to 100/1.




PROFIT AT £50 STAKES: £17,604.65



Download the full results here



Flat Flyers

A strategy focusing on flat racing on both turf and all-weather; particularly effective during the flat season from April - October.




PROFIT AT £50 STAKES: £13,932.85



Download the full results here




My single most profitable betting strategy since 2013, focusing on identifying bets which give the maximum amount of value.






Download the full results here


BackLucrative takes our potential profit to a completely new level. Although I have been using this strategy longer, on average the income generated each year is greater than the other two strategies combined!





I understand if you are skeptical about the above results, which is why I have taken you through my betting account history in the video above. This shows that the results for each strategy are genuine, and that I stake my own money on all qualifying bets for each of the strategies provided.


Below are screenshots of my betting account history, which reflect the video and show just a few of our recent wins:


betvictor screenshot










And Now Comes The Exciting Part...


As can be seen above, the individual betting strategies provide us with a regular stream of income, which can be used to improve the quality of our lives; giving us more financial freedom, reducing money related worries, you name it.


However, unless we're betting larger stakes, the income provided by a single strategy is conservative. In addition, betting investment involves winning and losing periods, meaning we can't know in advance the frequency of our income. You may have heard the old saying:


"Many Small Streams Make One Big River"


By using all three strategies at the same time, I've observed two main benefits:


The amount of our income increases substantially, and the frequency of our income also increases.


Included below is the combined performance since the beginning of 2015. As we can see, both the profit levels and frequency of payouts increase considerably in comparison to using any single strategy:




PROFIT AT £50 STAKES: £73,858.00




The frequency of our payouts increases, as we're able to produce a more consistent profit. The chart below shows the income generated for every 2 month period. As we can see, the Win Portfolio has managed to generate profit every two months, which we can use as an indicator of how often we can expect to withdraw our income.



A Substantial Income Generated Every Two Months Without Fail!






In this case, our multiple income streams have fused together to form one mighty torrent of income. Even if we start with small stakes, say £10 per bet, our average annual income would still have been a healthy £6,817.70...not a bad place to start!


Additionally, we can use the principal of compounding to grow a small investment quickly, by increasing our stakes as our bankroll grows, until we are happy with the size of our income and still comfortable enough with the amount being staked.




Here's what just a few of our BackLucrative and Win Portfolio members have to say about the service:

Fantastic Racing Service, made massive profits for so little outlay. Great new members website and easy to use, do yourself a favour and get on board now!

James B, Win Portfolio Member


Over the past 40+ years I must have subscribed to hundreds of tipping services, which have all promised success and delivered nothing but failure! 

I can honestly say that this is one of three that actually have delivered in that time.

It took me 39+ years to find it - DONT let it take you 40 years to find a winning service!

John C, Win Portfolio Member

Really consistent service, profits add up and always good customer service.

Ian F, Win Portfolio Member

Excellent service making some great money following the tips, certainly helped pay for my Christmas anyway!

Looking forward to it funding my summer holiday now will defiantly be sticking with these for a long time to come. superb!

Lee C, Win Portfolio Member


BackLucrative, our core service strategy, has already passed live trials with several independent and trusted review websites including:


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Punters Verdict

What Really Wins Money

"How Easy is this service to use?"

As I've already mentioned, this service is fully automated which means each days qualifying bets are provided for you. This means no previous betting experience is necessary to start generating income today.


There is also minimal time required, because all that's involved is placing a few bets each day and keeping track of your profits.


The service posts each days qualifying bets in a secure members area, which can easily be accessed from any computer, smartphone or tablet as long as you have an internet connection.


Sign Up to the Win Portfolio Today To Get...

  • Walkthrough Videos

    Get shown around the members area, and taken step by step through how to place each days bets and record your results.

  • Performance Reviews

    Regular updates on recent performance, including stats and comparison to long terms averages, and relevant service developments.

  • Results History and Templates

    Downloadable results to compare with your own, and templates to help you keep track of your profit.

  • Bankroll Management

    Additional articles on recommended staking, managing risk, and accelerating profits using compounding.

  • Full Support

    Full access to myself for any service related queries, or general betting advice.


"Want To Customise?"

The theory behind each win betting strategy is included in your member materials, meaning you can delve into the system rules and formulate your own bets, if that's your thing.


Although using all three strategies will produce the greatest profit levels, members are free to use just one or two strategies if they prefer. Based on past performance, the average income generated from even a single strategy is substantial in it's own right.


There are several bet placement options to choose from, meaning you can use your preferred bookmaker or betting exchange. Results for two of the strategies are even recorded at Betfair start price, which makes bet placement incredibly easy.



As with all things in life, there are limits to what you can expect from the service. Firstly, I must stress that this is NOT a "Get Rick Quick" scheme. Please do not expect to earn thousands of pounds every week, or never see a run of losing bets. A certain level of common sense and patience is required on your part to make this work.


There is also a limit to the number of members I can take on. I handle all customer support personally, and there are only so many hours in the day to respond to member queries. Secondly, I can't allow the odds for our qualifying bets to be affected by too many people placing the same bets.


How Much Is All This Worth To You?

Easy and Reliable Sources Of Income

Boasting Rights - "My Betting Makes Me Money!"

Reduced Stress and Money Related Worries

Being able to Treat Yourself and your Loved Ones

Although this is worth a great deal to me, as I'm sure it is to you, I want to make sure there is no reason whatsoever for you to not at least give this a try.


That's why I've chosen to offer you a low cost trial membership, which removes all the decision making and means you can try the service out Completely Risk-Free!


If you take action right now, I can offer you a:

14 day risk-free trial from just £ 3.99

For as little as £3.99, you can test drive The Win Portfolio 2017/18 for a full 14 days.


After your trial, and only if you’re 100% happy with the service at that point, will you be charged the full membership price. If not, simply let me know – I’ll cancel your membership, and you won’t be charged.




14 days for £3.99, followed by 1 full year for £299




14 days for £7.99, followed by monthly payments of £49


100% No Risk Guarantee!

If for any reason you don’t wish to continue during the first 60 days of your membership, i’ll provide you with a full refund. No Questions Asked.

I honestly believe this is going to take your betting to the next level over the coming racing season...why else would I stake my own money on every single qualifying bet?


If you want to generate more profit, take home more income, experience more financial freedom, and in the process have more fun from your betting than ever before, I can't recommend this service enough.


Finally, I’d again like to say thanks for taking the time out your busy day to read all about the Win Portfolio service. Whether or not you choose to take me up on my offer, I wish you the best of luck with your future betting, and likewise in life.


PS. The amount of interest and emails I’ve received about The Win Portfolio strategies over the past week has been STAGGERING. I've had over 25,000 website visitors over the past week alone! If just 1% of those people choose to sign up, i’ll have reached my member limit and will have to close the doors for the foreseeable future.


PPS. We’re talking about a minuscule £3.99 for 14 days full access, and with my 100% money back guarantee there’s ABSOLUTELY NO RISK. You’re even free to paper trade until you feel comfortable placing real bets, if you prefer.

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